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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What's in a blog?

9:45 PM PST, November 24, 2004. My first blog post. Actually, I really don't like the word "blog"... it sounds like something you'd say if your mom tried to feed you brussel sprouts. Weblog sounds better somehow. I've never really wanted to have a weblog; they seem like diaries for adults, and really, they're just one more thing to deal with. But, my Ph.D. project calls blogs a useful tool, and since I wrote the project, I must see them as useful... despite my best efforts.

So here I am, with my shiny new What to do now?

Let's start with links to my other internet homes:

My school - UC Santa Cruz, School of Engineering
My Ph.D. research - Whisper: Web Information Sharing Project
My (future) company - Humane Software

More will have to wait until later.


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