Designing the Future

Sunday, November 28, 2004

A two minute overview

When I say two minute overview, I mean that's about how much time I plan to spend writing it; hopefully you can read it a lot faster than that. Unless I go into overtime...

Why is this here?

This blog exists so that I can see what blogging is all about.

What are you going to write about?

As I understand it, blogs are here so people can say whatever they damned well please; I will be no exception.

However, I do plan to stay close to the general theme of my Ph.D. research: improving the mechanisms of knowledge transfer.

Why should I read what you write?

You probably shouldn't.

If I'm as successful as I possibly can be, it will probably take a good few decades for most of the world to catch up. Until they do, you'll be associating yourself with a raving lunatic who imagines a world that can never possibly exist (for reference, look up Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson, and Charles Babbage... I'm nothing like any of them, but that's about as successful as I can ever dream of becoming. And most of their contemporaries called them crazy. But hey, we all need role models.).

If I'm not successful, than you're probably wasting precious time that you could use to catch up on the latest geo-political events in your part of the world. They are far more important than anything I will ever say here.

What the hell is knowledge transfer?

This blog is knowledge transfer! I write, you learn. To be more general, any time you learn something new, knowledge has been transferred to you.

What does that have to do with design or the future?

Opps! Sorry, I've just run out of time (double overtime actually).

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What's in a blog?

9:45 PM PST, November 24, 2004. My first blog post. Actually, I really don't like the word "blog"... it sounds like something you'd say if your mom tried to feed you brussel sprouts. Weblog sounds better somehow. I've never really wanted to have a weblog; they seem like diaries for adults, and really, they're just one more thing to deal with. But, my Ph.D. project calls blogs a useful tool, and since I wrote the project, I must see them as useful... despite my best efforts.

So here I am, with my shiny new What to do now?

Let's start with links to my other internet homes:

My school - UC Santa Cruz, School of Engineering
My Ph.D. research - Whisper: Web Information Sharing Project
My (future) company - Humane Software

More will have to wait until later.